"We are the Society for...

"...Observing and...
Howard Watcher

Hector Dragg

Dr. Kai Narasu

Li Yan

"...and Xenomorphs."
Jerome Wise

The Society for Observing and Neutralizing Inter-dimensional Creatures and Xenomorphs (S.O.N.I.C.X.) is a secret organization that was only seen in the Sonic X comics. It was created by an unknown leader called "The Organizer" (whose face is always hidden by shadows) with the purpose of destroying Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, due to them ruining their lives somehow.


The organization was never presented in the anime, though three members are seen. In the comics, they tried many tactics to destroy Sonic, but they never succeeded. Their schemes usually involve hacking a system (especially G.U.N.'s) to discover more about Sonic and his friends. However, even though they hae numerous opportunities, they are always stopped by the same creatures they try to destroy. Only a few members have appeared in the comics, even though the organization itself never made an appearance.


  • The Organizer: The leader and founder, who is always hiding his face behind shadows and speaks through a TV screen with an altered voice so he can never be recognized. His true identity is never mentioned, but it's highly possible he is actually Captain Westwood, G.U.N. agent and Rouge the Bat's superior.
  • Hector Dragg: A speed maniac who worked for the S-Team, and is Sam Speed's biggest rival, considered to be the third fastest man alive. He was fired by Speed for being too reckless with his speed.
  • Howard Watcher: A warden in Prison Island until he was fired for letting Sonic escape. He can be seen in the anime in Sonic X episode 35.
  • Dr. Kai Narasu: A doctor who worked on Area 99, fired from his faculty after confusing Sonic for a robot, leading the rest of his team into wrong assumptions about Sonic and his friends. Can be seen in Sonic X episode 2.
  • Card Passer: A former G.U.N. commander who led an unauthorized attack on Dr. Eggman. He was fired after the President discovered it.
  • Li Yan: A thug who faced Knuckles and his friend, Hawk, in a fight, but ended up being defeated. He is presumably the group's muscles. He can be seen in Sonic X episode 17.
  • Jerome Wise: First appearing in Sonic X episode 14, he was the president's secretary, until he was fired for working with Dr. Eggman against Sonic and his friends, which made him a homeless individual with a taste for revenge, being the one who actually made the organization's name after extensive searches through the internet, even though the name isn't taken seriously by other people (Sonic even laughed at the mere mention of the name, saying that it was ridiculous).
  • Keigo Ugachi: The former leader of Goreless Peace, a local mafia gang. He was bailed out of jail by the Organizer, who sees a lot of potential in him, and Keigo joined the group to help them get rid of Sonic and his friends.
  • Zernobog the Hedgehog: A red clone of Sonic, revived with the blood sample of Sonic and the blood and data of Broly. Because of the latter, Zernobog had the behavior and the personality of Broly, hating Sonic with a passion and vengeance. The Sonic blood injected into him gave him what Sonic no longer has; the power to turn Dark Super Sonic, or in his case, Super Zernobog. He became a formidable enemy for the Sonic Heroes. Zernobog also has romantic feelings with Rosy the Rascal. He is also the leader of his newly-formed band, Zernobog Nightmare.
  • Rosy the Rascal: When she first saw Zernobog beating up Scourge, she fell in love with the red hedgehog, and vice versa. Since then, the two became a loving couple who loves to strike fear to everyone's hearts. Afterwards, Rosy willingly joined S.O.N.I.C.X., because she was eager to join a group that wants to destroy Sonic's reputation. She is a member of the newly-formed band, Zernobog Nightmare.
  • Citros the Hedgehog: An orange Sonic clone, revived with the blood sample of Sonic and nanites provided by Black Knight, resulting in giving him his super form: a super-powered Werehog form.
  • Fleet the Hedgehog: A yellow Sonic clone with the ability to turn super, which makes Fleet look just like the Fleetway Super Sonic, including the red swirly eyes. The data from the battle with Fleetway Super Sonic (through research), Black Knight's nanites, and the blood sample of Sonic were enough to bring him back from the dead.
  • Jeicer the Hedgehog: Jeicer is a green Sonic clone, but just like Citros, his super form is a Werehog, given to him by Black Knight's nanites which brought him back to life along with a sample of Sonic's blood.
  • Retronic the Classic Hedgehog: Retronic is a clone of Sonic that looks like Classic Sonic. Just like his brothers, he was revived with a blood sample of Sonic and Black Knight's nanites, the latter which gave him his super form; a silver version of Super Sonic.
  • Bursto the Hedgehog: Bursto is a purple clone of Sonic, also revived with the blood sample of Sonic and Black Knight's nanites. With the nanites he was given, he achieved his super form; a crimson version of Super Sonic.
  • Chubbuu the Hedgehog: Chubbuu is a fat cyan clone of Sonic, but thanks to Black Knight's nanites, he can move easily despite his weight, and he's as fast as Sonic and as strong as Majin Buu.
  • Sonex the Hedgehog: Sonex looks exactly like Sonic, except his eyes are all black with glowing red pupils and he has slightly darker fur and carnivorous sharp teeth. Just like his brothers, he possesses the same skills as Sonic, but instead of running, he hovers in the air. He was created by Keigo Ugachi of the Goreless Peace and Friends of Humanity, with Black Knight's nanites and a blood sample of Sonic, but his super form is not like Sonic's at all, because thanks to a tainted sample of Orochimaru's blood, his super form is just like Sasuke when he advanced his Cursed Seal to Level Two.
  • Vathar the Fox: A blue fox who likes to shock people with his tazer. He is a member of the newly-formed band, Zernobog Nightmare.
  • Helkor the Chameleon: A green chameleon who uses the black arts of ninja techniques. He is a member of the newly-formed band, Zernobog Nightmare.
  • Rindo the Echidna: A purple echidna who is the muscle of the gang. He is a member of the newly-formed band, Zernobog Nightmare.
  • Kaular the Snake: A brown python who has the ability of using stealth in the trees and to hypnotize other creatures through eye contact, which causes many people and animals to respect, if not fear him. He is a member of the newly-formed band, Zernobog Nightmare.


  • The name is a not-so-subtle mention to the series' title.

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